How to enable widgets to display on mobile devices?

How to enable widgets to display on mobile devices?
n Blogger, the view on desktop computers and mobile devices are show differently. By default, the template on mobile devices are stripped down and responsive. Not all sections or widgets displayed on desktop computers are available on mobile devices. Most widgets manually added to Blogger will not be view-able on mobile devices. Adsense added from Blogger's Adsense widgets are visible however their display regions are only on the top and bottom of the page. Google Adsense code if added to the blog using Blogger HTML/JavaScript widget, it won't display on mobile devices. In order to show widgets visible only on desktop to also show on mobile devices, including Google Adsense widgets, do the following changes.

How to enable widgets to display on mobile devices?

First, let's add a Blogger widget our self. Let's say we want to display a custom labels block.

Login to Blogger and click click on Layout
Click "Add a gadget" and choose "Labels"
Instead of all, let's select only a few labels to show.
Save the widget.
Check whether it appears on desktop (it should).
Check whether it appeared on mobile (it won't).

To display Blogger widgets view-able on desktops to also appear on mobile devices, do the following:

1. While still logged in to Blogger, click on Template / Theme, and then on Edit HTML
2. From the "Jump To Widget", click on the widget you are interested in (the newly added widget will usually have a higher number. eg: HTML15).

We'll come to a code that looks like the one below:
b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Categories' type='Label' visible='true'

To show this widget on mobile devices, just add "mobile='yes'' to the above line. So it now looks like:
b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Categories' type='Label' visible='true'