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Keyboard Key @ swapped with Double Quote Windows 10

the double inverted commas key (") has swapped with the commercial at key (@) what to do? It also happens to Windows 8, windows 7.

Solution 1

check your enabled/selected keyboard layouts under Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language, or using the keyboard layout switcher in the Task Bar.

deleting the UK keyboard & rebooted. The system found the US keyboard & all is well.

Solution 2

My problem is that " and @ are switched on my keyboard. I have tried changing from a US to UK layout but it does not work.


1. Go to your control panels language settings

2. Go into your preferred languages options

3. Add US as the input method

Solution 3

So if your @ and " are swapped the more precise advice to assist you is:

If you want @ above the 2 install a US keyboard.
If you want "above the 2 install a UK keyboard.

Solution 4

keyboard I recently installed windows 8 and the quote marks " -- and the @ sign are transposed


The keyboard layout setting does not match your location.

Go to Control Panel\Clock, Language and Region and make sure your region and language are set correctly for your location.


go to Control Panel, find the area where the languages are shown (only ONE will have the button filled in) the other buttons will be "not filled in". So find that area, and DELETE all the languages that you do NOT want (I believe there is a choice to "remove" by each one). Only keep the ONE that you want, and fill in its button, so that your computer cannot have a mind of its own, and choose another of those languages. I did this, and my problem went away. My hunch is that when Windows does an "update" it resets your "language preference" to something that Windows prefers (and not what you prefer). This is very very odd, I've never seen anything like it in any other o/s systems. You have to "fool Windows" into thinking that there are no other languages to choose from

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