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Wikileaks: Persekongkolan FPI dg Aparat Negara dan Playboy


Wikileaks: Persekongkolan FPI dg Aparat Negara dan Playboy

Date: 2006 May 9, 09:29 (Tuesday)
Security forces' ties to Islam Defenders' Front (FPI) discussed... Playboy publisher paid off FPI... Details of political party figures playing money politics..
From: Indonesia Jakarta

To: National Security Council | Secretary of State


14. (S/NF) BIN official Yahya Asagaf, who had sufficiently close contacts within FPI to provide us with advance notice of FPI's hostile intent hours prior to the February 19 vandalism of the Embassy, told us that, prior to that incident, National Police Chief Sutanto had provided some funds to FPI. Yahya claimed that, after the attack, Sutanto had cut off this funding. When we questioned Yahya's allegation that Sutanto funded FPI, Yahya said Sutanto found it useful to have FPI available to him as an "attack dog." When pressed further on the usefulness of FPI playing this role, noting that the Police should be sufficiently capable of intimidation, Yahya characterized FPI as a useful tool that could spare the security forces from criticism for human rights violations, and he said funding FPI was a "tradition" of the Police and BIN. (The principal BIN figure who provided funds to FPI was BIN Deputy Chief Said Ali As'at, Yahya claimed.) Yahya said the FPI had obtained a majority of its funds from the security forces, and, after mid-February, FPI faced a budget crunch.

15. (C/NF) Yahya added that former Jakarta Police Chief Nugroho Djayusman had called on BIN Chief Syamsir Siregar on February 18 in order to claim he was "not involved with FPI." This claim implied Nugroho had advance knowledge of FPI's plan for the February 19 incident.

16. (C/NF) In March, we met with Nugroho Djayusman, who admitted, "I used to be close to the radical Islamists." He then explained defensively that it was natural for him, as the Jakarta Police Chief, to have contacts with all sorts of organizations. This was necessary because the sudden release of energy from the Islamists, who had been repressed under Suharto, could have posed a security risk. "But it doesn't mean I was involved," he said, distancing himself from responsibility for any violent activities.

17. (C/NF) To illustrate his point, Nugroho claimed that Sutanto lacked useful connections, and when the violent FPI demonstration took place, Sutanto had to call Nugroho to request assistance. Nugroho told us that he (Nugroho) then called FPI Chairman Habib Rizieq and arranged the surrender of three men who had arranged the violence outside of the U.S. Embassy.

18. (C/NF) Nugroho acknowledged FPI had a clear track record of violence, but he characterized the organization as a small, relatively insignificant group. He said it was not ideological, except insofar as it opposed gambling, prostitution, and pornography. By contrast, he noted that "Ngruki" (shorthand for Ba'asyir's pesantren and, one can assume, the Jemaah Islamiyah organization) was a much more serious ideological group.


19. (C) Ponti Carolus Pandean, the director of PT Velvet Silver Media (publisher of Playboy magazine), spoke to us in February about his efforts to tamp down opposition by Muslim groups to Playboy's publication. (Note: Until 2005, Ponti was a Deputy Secretary General of Yudhoyono's Democratic Party. End Note.) Ponti claimed that he had sought to head off likely opposition by FPI by meeting with FPI Chairman Habib Rizieq. Ponti said he first met with Rizieq in December at the Hilton Hotel in order to interview Rizieq for the magazine. On that occasion, Ponti paid Rizieq approximately 1,500 USD, ostensibly as compensation for the interview. As the controversy over publication of Playboy intensified, Ponti again met with Rizieq during the Idul Adha holiday and provided Rizieq with 40 million Rupiah (approximately 4,000 USD), ostensibly as a gift on the occasion of the holiday. Ponti noted that, predictably, many lower-level FPI figures came to his office to request smaller handouts of approximately 50 USD. (Comment: These efforts appeared to keep FPI quiet in the run-up to the magazine's launching; however, FPI-led sweepings of Playboy began within days of it hitting the racks and on April 12, FPI thugs vandalized the building housing PT Velvet Silver Media's Jakarta office. End Comment.)

20. (C) Ponti also told us that Yudhoyono originally agreed to be interviewed for publication in the Indonesian version of Playboy, and to attend the magazine's launching, a large event intended to take place in Bali (although later canceled, in light of the controversy over its publication). Ponti claimed that Yudhoyono recommended that photos of Indonesian women not be included in the Indonesian version of Playboy, but Ponti told us that would appear unrealistic. (Comment: Ponti's account of Yudhoyono's willingness to be interviewed by Playboy seems slightly at odds with Yudhoyono's public statements, which on repeated occasions have endorsed modest dress for women. End Comment.)


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